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Pit Bull 1.9 Rock Beast RC Scale Tire

Today's Super Deal!

For those of you who have a bunch of RC tires, wheels, tools and accessories (sound like you?), you NEED a PITBULL RC Tire Bag! "Why" you ask? Good question. Because they're really cool...yep...that's the reason and we’re sticking to it. We have a two-tone bag (Black sides, Red trim with a Grey face and Pit Bull Lighting Logo in White Silkscreen). WE think it's pretty cool...but then again, it's our stuff...so, of course we like it. Tough Zippers, insulated housing, inner-corrugated plastic support, complete open top, a zipper pocket on the side, an adjustable shoulder strap and a carry handle...all in a nice-sized carry case. Our multi-purpose bag will make you look like a champ no matter what tire/wheel combo you run...but, of course we hope you’re running Pit Bulls!!!!

What's included:
Pit Bull Tire Bag (1 pc)
Inner Corrugated Plastic Support (1 pc)